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Good Shepherd Sisters IRELAND

A person is of more value than a world

The Well Spirituality Centre

Who are we?

The Well Spirituality Centre is a community based spirituality centre, where we live and work.  Over the years it has been a mixed community of Sisters and people from many different countries.  It is situated in the grounds of the old Good Shepherd Convent (famous for Little Nellie of Holy God) in Sunday's Well, Cork.  The wider faith community comprises of more than 100 people, women and men of different backgrounds and nationalities who join with us in prayer and faith, some coming for Meditation on Monday nights, others for Retreat Days, Movies that Move You and others seeking Prayer Support in their lives.  From September 2014 we hope to be a mixed community of women including one Sister,  supporting one another in our faith and Christian community living.


The house lends itself to the purpose, having three large rooms downstairs, (conference room, library and oratory), four guest rooms, as well as counselling room, art therapy room, dining room and kitchen, not to mention the lovely grounds.  We are also wheelchair accessible.  Whenever people come into the house they always mention the quality of light in the house and the atmosphere of peace.  Increasingly, some people are non practicing in their religion, but yet retain a faith/spirituality, almost in their genes.  They are seeking and searching.  How can we respond creatively to their needs in the 21st century and share our deep Christian heritage of faith and prayer with them?

Why are we called “The Well”?

The name reflects John 4:  the woman at the well,

who found healing, conversion, self esteem, came to

the truth of who she is, grew in knowledge of self and

of God.  She was treated with dignity and respect and

Jesus revealed himself to her.  She became his disciple

and brought many others to Jesus. This is what we

would wish for people spending some time with us in

“The Well”.  The challenge for us is to provide an

atmosphere and programmes whereby people

may encounter the living Jesus in their lives and

appreciate their own call and dignity.

Our values:

As well as living the four vows, (poverty, chastity, obedience and zeal), we decided to live the four Fs – faith, friendship, food and fun.  We pray together twice daily and faith share, cook and eat food together everyday and also factor in some fun each week.  Our values are welcome, hospitality, simple life style, clear open communication, reconciliation, compassion, love, support, truth and no waste and hard work!