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Good Shepherd Sisters IRELAND

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Sharing Fair

Sharing Fair is an innovative initiative of Good Shepherd Sisters. As an International Congregation we are well aware of the diverse impact of multi-national and trans-national corporations on national and local economies.
Over the past number of years we have established Sharing Fair initiatives across the World. These are income-generating projects that ensure fair financial benefits to the workers on the products they produce. In particular, Sharing Fair markets crafted items made by women in countries such as Thailand, Kenya and El Salvador.

The main aims of Sharing Fair are;

• To ensure fair financial benefits to the workers on the products they produce
• To provide the opportunity for women to participate in meaningful paid employment
• To enable women to express their gifts, talents, skills and creativity
• To enable women to develop their skills and experience thus providing a catalyst to access alternative employment, careers and educational opportunities
• To provide consumers with the choice to purchase products that guarantee the producer fair financial benefit
• To build social networks across the globe that are mutually interdependent and caring.

Making a Difference

You can participate in Sharing Fair and make a difference in the lives of the women in the developing world by;
• Purchasing their products
• Sponsoring a Sharing Fair at your church, workplace or home
• Volunteering with Sharing Fair
For further information, Sr. Catherine Hughes, co-ordinator of the Project, can be contacted using the e-mail below