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Criminalize the Purchase of Sex

The trafficking of women and girls for the purposes of sexual exploitation is a modern, global form of slavery. The best way to combat this violence against persons is to tackle the demand for prostitution by criminalizing the purchase of sex. Also in recognition of the vulnerability of those involved and exploited in prostitution it is important that legislation is also introduced to decriminalizes the persons who are prostituted.  This was a key focus of the recent presentation made by Gerardine Rowley of Ruhama to the APT Network (Act to Prevent Trafficking Network).

Ruhama and APT are members of the Turn off the Red Light campaign. The aim of the campaign is to end prostitution and sex trafficking in Ireland.  The campaign is being run by an alliance of civil society organizations, unions, non-governmental organizations and individuals. For more information on the campaign visit www.turnofftheredlight.ie

For more information on the work of Ruhama visit www.ruhama.ie and APT www.aptireland.org